BGS TECHNIC Measuring cups and funnels for motorcycles

Funnels and measuring cups seem unnecessary extras, but don't be mistaken: specific liquids have their own behaviour and characteristics, which invariably cause liquids to spill. Especially around motorcycles, where it usually isn't just water, quickly leading to a serious, even hazardous mess.

Moreover, you don't want to use the same measuring cup in your kitchen after using it to pour oil or petrol.

Certain measuring cups are specifically intended for oil and/or battery fluid. Acids, oils and bases have no effect on the usability and durability of these filling jugs. They come in different sizes and can often be equipped with a pouring spout, which makes transferring liquids just that little bit easier.

Did you know there are also large pipettes that make it easier to handle battery fluid safely and without problems? You'll find these here as well.

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