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Motorcycle jacket

Don't just call a motorcycle jacket, a 'jacket' and that is exactly why you should buy one. Motorcycle jackets come in all sorts of sizes, finishes, price ranges and designs, but they do have some common elements as well.
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The exterior of a motorcycle jacket is made of wear and tear resistant textile or leather, which possess those properties anyway. Each has its own strengths, just as each motorcyclist has their own preferences. Don't forget that on a motorcycle you have to deal with additional factors such as sunshine, wind, speed and rain.

Motorcycle jackets - whether you choose leather or textile - are equipped with a lot of protective material, in the form of CE approved protectors. These come in many shapes, sizes and weights as well, but the CE label entails a set of tests and minimum requirements, which guarantee the necessary protection in case of a fall or impact.

Elbow and shoulder protectors are standard. Depending on the model, purpose, manufacturer or personal preference, they can be supplemented by chest or back protection.

Last but not least: riding a motorcycle without lights is absolutely not done. Furthermore, for many road users the shape of a motorcycle is unusual and the fact that two lights can't do everything, increases the importance of good reflective material.

Functional: designed with a purpose
A motorcycle jacket must fit tightly, should not bulge, be practical to wear and has been developed with that purpose in mind. The cut, any pre-shaped elements and the well-thought out storage pockets is what makes it different from a regular or Sunday jacket. Because the idea is really to find the jacket that fits you best, most motorcycle jackets have been fitted with adjustment straps and many customization options.

Different types of motorcycle jackets
Your choice of a motorcycle jacket depends on use and/or looks. This division keeps it clear. Each subcategory has its own strengths, with its own characteristics and applications.

Textile jackets: are waterproof, or can easily be made waterproof, and are suitable for touring or adventure use. Versatile and for daily use.

Leather motorcycle jackets: for sporty, retro and casual use or just tough - leather often says enough. It also boasts the highest wear resistance, with the downside that waterproofing is not a feature.

Breathable summer jackets: are lightweight, non-waterproof jackets that are focused on protective materials.

GORE-TEX® jackets: has become a quality label that appeals to the most demanding motorcyclists. Comfort, wind and waterproofness, all in one package.

Motorcycle hoodies: responding to the demand for fashion awareness, they are suitable for urban, short journeys or in combination with light(er) motorcycles. Don't expect miracles in terms of waterproofing and wear resistance, but it's still safer than a normal sweatshirt or t-shirt.

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