After-sales service

A separate department within RAD provides a highly customer-oriented service within the framework of the legal consumer guarantee (2 years).

Are you experiencing a problem with a product you purchased from RAD? Did you take good care of it? Did the use of the product correspond with the intended use of the product (leisure, daily,...)? And you didn't crash with it? Then definitely come by!

We aim to help all our customers within a reasonable time frame.

The legal warranty for hidden defects in all consumer goods is 2 years. Spare parts such as batteries, bulbs, spark plugs, brake pads, brake discs, chain kits, clutch discs, rubber seals, filters, etc. also benefit from this legal warranty period of 2 years concerning hidden defects. However, it is important to note that these types of products inevitably experience wear and tear from usage. This wear strongly depends on the care for and the frequency of use of the article. Consequently, their lifetime can be a lot shorter than 2 years, even if there are no hidden defects.

In practice?


Please bring your defective item, in a dry and clean condition, to one of our RAD stores.
Dirty items will be refused, please clean and dry them before bringing them in.


We retrieve your proof of purchase from our sales database, open a repair file under your customer number and provide you with a copy of the file.


We send the article to our central after-sales service unit. They are in frequent contact with the various suppliers. This service unit deals with the transport to/from the supplier as well as communication with the supplier.


As soon as we have any news about the verdict of the supplier (reparable, exchangeable or refusal), we will inform you by email (or by phone).

If a repair is rejected by the supplier, as a result of inadequate use or as a result of normal wear, we can immediately request a price quote for the repair, if you wish.

If your warranty claim was accepted by the supplier, but the item is no longer repairable, then you will receive a new item or, if you want a different article than your original choice, a credit note will be issued - in the amount of your original purchase - in your name. This amount will then be charged for an exchange in one of our RAD stores.



The waiting period for all these shipments and the necessary research time takes about 20 working days, on average. In most cases this is shorter, but we would like to point out that in exceptional cases it can take a bit longer.


If you wish, you can get a replacement item (a jacket, pants, helmet, a pair of boots and/or gloves) during that period. Please enquire by phone at the RAD store of your choice in advance. In this way, we ensure that you can take a replacement article home immediately after you have brought in your defective item.


We invite you to communicate your complaint by email via In case an acceptable solution can't be reached, you have the option of contacting the ODR platform.  This Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR platform) is an internet platform established by the European Commission. It aims to solve disputes arisen from e-commerce transactions, without going to court. See:, you can use as the RAD email address.