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Motorcycle gloves

A good pair of motorcycle gloves is indispensable on a motorcycle. Not only do they protect you on the road (sun, insects ...), they also guarantee that you keep your grip at all times; the latter being no luxury on two wheels. Handling of your motorcycle happens to a large extent with your left and right hand.

Motorcycle gloves are specifically developed to be wear-resistant and are often equipped with the necessary protectors. Convenient when it does seem to go wrong. In addition, as a rider you should not underestimate the influence of the weather elements on the road. Rain, cold, wind, sun ... depending on when you want to protect your hands.

Finally, style and looks also play a role in your choice. The time that you were forced to take a pair of plastic mittens onto the road is fortunately far behind us. Today, looks are also important. Design and safety - pun intended - go hand in hand.
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Types of motorcycle gloves

A long list, according to ideal conditions of use, will allow you to choose the right subgroup.

Summer gloves: these are generally not waterproof, as there is little rainfall in summer. They have little or no padding, to avoid sweating hands and to guarantee optimal steering feel.

Mid-season: March showers and April whims, or just that last ride before winter storage, these gloves are waterproof but lightly padded. The result is a correct steering sensation and a wide range of use.

Winter gloves: are the domain of diehards and all-season riders. Waterproof, thick and warm-lined for optimal riding conditions. However, this is at the expense of the steering feel.

GORE-TEX gloves: are in a class of their own, in many ways. The higher price is directly proportional to the quality and waterproofness. Top of the bill.

Heated gloves: in the category 'a little less diehard but still an all-round rider', designed for harsh autumn days, the coldest winter months or fresh spring days. Or for the shivery types among us.

Racing gloves: designed for the track, they combine the best steering feel with the best (leather) protection. Race track riders and waterproofing, it's still a difficult combination, although we do have - as an exception - a pair of racing gloves with membrane.

Cross gloves: these are not waterproof either. Getting dirty and wet is part of the deal. The light fabric (mesh) creates an optimal steering feel, but these gloves are not designed to protect your hands in case of a fall on a hard surface.

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