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Motorcycle backpacks

All backpacks in our product range are specifically designed to be carried on a motorcycle. What makes a backpack a real motorcycle backpack, is the construction of extra sturdy fabric and the chest and/or hip belt, which makes sure the backpack stays tight on your back even during the better cornering.

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Volume in litres

The most important thing when choosing a rucksack is of course its capacity, this determines how much you can carry in the rucksack.


Because dry weather can not be guaranteed, a waterproof backpack is no luxury. When it comes to waterproof backpacks, we distinguish between backpacks which have a waterproof cover and backpacks which are made of waterproof PVC. The latter have the advantage that you don't have to stop to put on the waterproof cover.

Laptop compartment

If you like to store your laptop in your motorcycle backpack, keep this in mind when making your selection.

Helmet storage

There are also motorcycle backpacks that are specially equipped to hold a motorcycle helmet. This is handy if you don't have cases to store your helmet in.

Tip from the RAD house

Never insert sharp or pointed objects into your motorcycle backpack. This can have serious consequences in the event of a fall.

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