Shoei Personal Fitting System

Shoei Personal Fitting System - your Shoei helmet made to measure.

Who is this designed for?

Well, a properly fitting motorbike helmet is the beginning of all motorbike fun.
A well-fitting motorbike helmet ensures that you are comfortable on the road.
And the more comfortable you ride yourself, the safer you ride.
After all, with a well-fitting motorbike helmet, you won't be distracted by nagging pains that make you extra tired.

All size charts notwithstanding, finding the right size is often not obvious. You who land on this page as a motorcyclist can probably speak for yourself.

You have probably experienced finding a well-fitting motorbike helmet as an ordeal many times.
And that's a shame!
That's why Shoei created the Shoei Personal Fitting System (PFS).
That system ensures that motard(e)s with a difficult head can still comfortably hit the road with their motorbike helmet.

How is that possible?

Well the principle is simple, we'll just explain it step by step:

  • Your head is measured at various points (so much more is measured than simply the circumference of your head).
  • An ideal helmet size is then determined.
  • Once that size is determined, the standard helmet in the correct size is used as a basis.
  • Based on the measurements taken, the Shoei software indicates what additional adjustments, if any, are needed to the interior of the helmet for you to find it comfortable.
  • These provisory adjustments to the helmet's centre pad are made, followed by a fitting cycle to evaluate them.
  • The cycle (provisional adjustment + fitting) may need to be repeated once or even several times.
  • This will eliminate certain pressure points and fill any empty gaps between your head and the helmet. Thus, the helmet is better positioned on your head.
  • The goal is to achieve the ideal fit for your specific head.
  • Once this goal is achieved, you and the Shoei PFS expert will decide together whether the provisional adjustments will be made final.
  • The final adjustments to the centre pad will be made.
  • You will leave with a more comfortable helmet and enjoy your ride home.

Good to know:

  • After the final adjustments to the centre pad, a reversal of this is no longer possible.
    As this is a custom-made product from then on, the standard exchange within 30 days is no longer possible.
    Of course (if it is a new helmet) you do enjoy the 5-year standard warranty period that is offered by Shoei on all of their helmets.
  • These adjustments are based on theoretical calculations compared to an ideal situation.
    Of course, the feeling of fit is subjective. So it is not an exact science, but the success of the Shoei PFS story speaks for itself.
  • No adjustments are ever made to the helmet shell itself nor to the cheek pads, as these play less of a role according to fit feeling and disturbing pressure points.
    Of course, there are cheek pads in different thicknesses to optimise the cheek area as well. These are available and can be purchased accordingly.
  • The improved fit makes the helmet less likely to lift at high speeds. Moreover, this also benefits acoustics. Less noise again means more comfortable and thus safer riding.
  • Last but not least: the helmet's modified inner lining can still be washed, without causing the modified parts to come off.

Convinced that Shoei PFS is something for you?

Then be sure to make an appointment in good time in our shop in:

We will gladly fit your existing Shoei helmet. We do like to point out here that the lifespan of a helmet is on average 5 years.
So consider whether you think the age of your Shoei helmet is still ok to perform a PFS on it.

In any case, no Shoei Personal Fitting can be performed on a worn-out helmet interior, on an interior that is not clean or on a helmet that has been damaged.

We are also happy to guide you in finding a new Shoei helmet that we can then also adapt to your head if necessary.

In any case, we foresee just under an hour for performing the PFS measurement and adjustments. Hence, an appointment in advance is always required.
The total price is 60,00 euro (including 21% VAT).
This includes: the measurements and the centre path adjustments.
What is not included: any cheek cushions that you can adjust yourself. We are of course happy to help you with that too.