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Visors and Pinlocks for motorcycle helmets

You sometimes rub your visor with your glove, or a paper towel, although this is absolutely not recommended. Just like tons of insects, rain, fog, a pebble or some sand. And that's just while riding to work every day.
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Wear is inevitable and better your visor than your eyes, we think. But, anyone who has been on the road with a scratched visor in a rainstorm after dusk knows: there are suddenly too many lights. Quite life-threatening.

When riding a motorcycle, looking at things (the viewing technique, that the riding instructor always stressed) is essential and a perfect visor is necessary to keep a clear view. They exist in different shapes and sizes, per brand, transparent or tinted.

We also offer Pinlock lenses, as well as the 'specials' like the tear-off and the mirror visor. The latter has a cool-factor that can only be surpassed by an industrial freezer.

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