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We are no fans of pigeonholing, although a leather motorcycle suit does require a certain attitude. Especially fans of a sportier style will choose this motorcycle clothing. A leather suit lends itself to use with sports bikes, naked bikes, possibly also the sport touring segment (GTR 1400, FJR 1300 and related), but is just that little less practical for a quick shopping trip.
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A one-piece suit is mandatory on the race track, and not without reason: this type of clothing has the highest degree of tear resistance. Off-track, a two-piece suit is undoubtedly more interesting. It combines the look of a one-piece with a higher sense of comfort and practicality. The jacket can also be combined separately with a pair of jeans.

A leather suit may need to - or even should - be 'worn in' a bit. A 'worn-in' suit is very comfortable; we would, however, like to point out that it is best to keep a decent rain suit near your leather suit.

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