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Maintenance motorcycle helmet

You only have one head and you prefer to protect it with a decent helmet. Absolutely right, we applaud that. Neglecting to maintain the same helmet afterwards is a pity.

A modern helmet is high-tech and requires regular inspection, the right products and a general refresh of certain features from time to time.
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The following products will come in handy sooner or later:

At RAD, we like to give a few more general tips on how to properly and professionally maintain your helmet:

1. A helmet should always be cleaned both inside and out. The days of a pot on your head are over. Both the plastic of the shell and the (often) hypoallergenic interior require a minimum of attention if you want to enjoy it for a long time. Moreover, there is more to it than meets the eye: ventilation systems are often built in. And don't underestimate the impact of a long motorcycle ride: dust, fine dust, dirt, rain ...

2. Use only microfiber cloths, lukewarm water or specifically developed products. Grease and insects will disappear more easily and this will not damage the helmet.

3. At one time, all the home-made solutions undoubtedly had their, but - I repeat - today a helmet is a high-tech piece of ART (and not a pot on your head). Putting alcohol-containing detergents on it is never advisable.

4. Use a helmet donut. Not only does it give your helmet a fixed location, it also avoids the risk of it slipping out of your hands or rolling off the table when you're servicing it or replacing its visor. A helmet is made to work 100% well once, and it would be a shame if that one time is in your own kitchen.

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