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Motorcycle pants

There are a number of reasons why it's better to choose motorcycle pants on a motorcycle and reserve your weekday ones for other occasions.


The exterior of a pair of motorcycle pants consists of a textile or leather material which has the characteristics of being quite resistant to wear and tear. Each has its own strengths, just as each motorcyclist has their own preferences. Don't forget that on a motorcycle you have to deal with additional factors such as sun, wind, speed and rain.

By definition, motorcycle pants - whether you go for leather or textile - have a lot of protective materials on board, in the form of CE-approved knee protectors. Hip protectors are more often optional, but the possibility to integrate them is usually provided.

Last but not least: riding a motorcycle without lights is absolutely not done. Furthermore, for many road users the shape of a motorcycle is unusual and the fact that two lights can't do everything, increases the importance of good reflective material.
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Functional: designed with a purpose

Motorbike pants have to fit tight, be comfortable and practical, and have been developed with that purpose in mind. The cut, any pre-shaped elements and well thought-out storage compartments are therefore different from average trousers. You don't sit on your motorcycle like you do at the table or on the couch, which has also been taken into account. Built-in straps, possibilities to attach suspenders, closures that actually stay closed, zippers that make it easier to get in and out of them, the list of specific features is long.

Different types of motorcycle pants

Your choice of motorcycle pants depends on use and/or looks. This division keeps it clear. Each subcategory has its own strengths, its own characteristics and applications.

Textile: are waterproof, or can easily be made waterproof, suitable for touring or adventure use. Versatile and for daily use.

Leather: for sporty, retro and casual use or just tough - leather often says enough. In addition, it boasts the highest wear resistance, with the downside that waterproofing is not a feature.

Summer trousers are lightweight, non-waterproof pants that focus on protective material.

GORE-TEX has become a quality label that can appeal to the most demanding motorcyclists. Comfort, wind and waterproofness all in one package.

Textileover-pants are practical, easy and convenient to pull over your regular pants.

Biker jeans are trendy, multifunctional and have rapidly evolved into good-looking and practical motorcycle clothing, that can serve you well during the summer (but also before and after).

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