When you start your motorcycle ride, the sun is still shining. An hour later, it is raining cats and dogs. The road you are riding on gets soaking wet. Heavy raindrops land on your jacket.

The original GORE-TEX product range with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise does exactly what it's meant to do and delivers the very best water protection. Whether it starts raining in the city or you're riding through a heavy rain shower in the mountains, your motorcycle clothing will protect you from water and wind with excellent breathability.

The key benefits in every GORE-TEX product:


When your clothes get wet, your body loses heat and you feel less comfortable. Our GORE-TEX products offer innovative, durable waterproofing you can rely on.


Cold wind causes the warm air between your skin and clothing to be lost, making you feel cold. All our GORE-TEX products, which are backed by the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise, block wind, so you stay protected.


When you ride, your body will sweat, no matter how cold it is outside. Our GORE-TEX products allow water vapour to escape. So no matter how active you are, with our GORE-TEX products you can keep riding as long as you want.


Our GORE-TEX products are rigorously tested for reliable protection even in the most demanding conditions. The GORE-TEX membrane, which is at the heart of the technologies, contains pores smaller than a water droplet, but larger than a water vapour molecule. This means that rain and snow cannot penetrate, but sweat can be wicked away. Whatever the conditions, you can be confident of staying dry in your GORE-TEX garments.

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