TRQ – Sinter track, NRS

These new and improved TRQ brake pads replace the SRQ compound brake pads in the TRW range. The production of the old SRQ compound brake pads will be stopped.

The new TRQ brake pads are, just like their predecessors, aimed at the sportive rider who wants to have a great track day and then ride the same bike home. With these brake pads that's no problem. They are awarded the ECE R90 label, which makes them legal for road use throughout the European Union. The difference between performance on track and on the public road isn't as big as you might think. We need excellent braking performance at all times. With these pads you can really count on it in demanding conditions and at high speeds.

TRW positioned the TRQ brake pads above the SRT brake pads and made sure their friction coefficient resulted in better braking performance. The initial response is more direct and braking is optimised. These pads bite! Last but not least, the TRQ brake pads have reduced wear compared to their predecessors, which sometimes suffered from corrosion and dust. These specific brake pads are easy to clean, due to their special design.

The NRS system ensures that the pads form a single, almost indivisible, unit with the carrier plate. TRQ brake pads consist of sintered metal, which is milled, mixed and compressed under high pressure at high temperature. They are better suited to intensive, performance-oriented use than their organic relatives.

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