RSI - Sinter offroad

RSI brake pads are designed for superior performance on the off-road racing track. Competitive race conditions, high temperatures and the need for immediate response are the typical conditions in which these brake pads deliver optimal performance. These specific brake pads are mounted on a bronze coloured steel carrier plate.

The name gives it away: sintered metal, supplemented with a small amount of binder, is the main component of this type of brake pad. Sintering is the pressing together of ground, shredded metal, often copper, bronze or a mixture of these. This is done under high pressure, at high temperature. A solid mass, which forms the brake pad, is the final result. Mixed metals are well suited for wider applications and street use. Blocks to which carbon has been added - resistant to extreme temperatures - deliver better results in high-performance conditions such as those found on the race track. Sintered brake pads are not as soft as standard organic ones. More power at the brake lever is a logical consequence. The corrosive substance released during braking requires you to clean the rims of the motorcycle regularly. For intensive use, high braking demands or really performance-oriented conditions, sintered brake pads are recommended.

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