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Motorcycle clothing

Welcome to the right address. We are the motorcycle clothing specialist in Belgium and the Netherlands. It's that simple. Navigate through the categories and subcategories below until you find the best suited article for you. Yes, that does exist. And there's a large chance RAD has it!

Anything you put on near a motorcycle, you'll find here. Whether it's for on your head, your body, your feet or all three together, it doesn't matter. Motorcycle clothing and footwear in the first place but also safety vests, earplugs, maintenance products for motorcycle clothing, replacement zippers or even a keychain - there are many things in and around the motorcycle that can prove their worth as protective motorcycle equipment.

The motorcycle is one - very necessary - element to start that ride, but your personal protective equipment is at least as crucial. Of course, it's hard for us to argue the contrary, but as motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we advise against skimping on safety gear. However tempting it may be, sometimes.

Today's motorcycle clothing is highly technologically advanced and uses adapted sizes combined with a high degree of comfort. It is almost impossible that you don't find what you are looking for and it's certainly impossible that there is a better alternative. Therefore: welcome to the right address.