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Motorcycle protection

There are many extras that protect your motorcycle in the event of a crash. There are also many accessories to protect you, the rider. And even if it doesn't come to a crash - which of course is what we prefer - both the rider and the bike often take a beating.
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Dirt, stones, all kinds of puddles. It's not just the nicest people you get to meet when you ride your motorcycle. And you don't even have to go off-road.

There are clearly four categories:

  • Motorcycle crash protection, where the crash bar is the prominent choice.
  • Protection against dirt and grease from chains and rear wheels.
  • Parts and particles from other traffic that can damage crankcases, radiators and other essential engine parts.
  • Personal protection, in the form of hand and foot guards.

All these things bring aesthetic value too. We're living in the heydays of adventure motorcycles, and they are required to look tough.

In general, these are not universal items, but tailored to a particular type of motorcycle. Our product finder will help you to find the right part.

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