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Rainwear for motorcycles

It will usually start raining when you least expect it. That's how it goes. Take a walk with an umbrella for a day: not a single drop. But mind you if you leave that same umbrella at home.

Don't let rain surprise you when you're on your bike. It's usually when you're out in your leather suit or summer jacket, and that can get really unpleasant. And unsafe. You may assume that most textile motorcycle clothing can tolerate a splash, but even then it's useful to have rainwear at hand when drops become cats and dogs.
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No, that ordinary rain jacket or those rain trousers you wear on your bike, are not an ideal solution. Motorcycle rainwear is subject to higher wind speeds and more impact from the elements. That's why it's made of stronger materials, with better seams and possibly striking colors or fluorescent elements. Keep in mind that motorcycle rainwear is worn over your existing outfit; sizes are based on that fact.

Depending on what you prefer, there are a number of possibilities, each with their own advantages.

  • Combining a separate jacket/pants can be easy and practical. It allows you to decide to what extent to switch your gear to rainwear.
  • A one-piece rain suit has the advantage that there is no gap between jacket and pants, so water has no chance of seeping in. Your crotch and upper legs are usually the first places where rain gets really unpleasant.
  • A third option is reserved for motor scooter drivers. They can use a rain apron.

Rainwear does not contain extra protectors, so it is always worn over motorbike clothing. Fluorescent or reflective material is available in many variations, depending on personal preference. Rainwear can be stored easily and compactly .

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