IXS Saint Fluorescent Yellow

black (€ 99,95)Fluorescent Yellow (€ 99,95)
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The yellow fluorescent Saint is a waterproof polyester raincoat which distinguishes itself from other similar coats by its high degree of elasticity. So, stretch fabric.

That also means that everything fits just a little bit tighter, without getting in the way of freedom of movement or comfort. The traditional image of the flapping and fluttering motorcyclist who works his way through the rain, is now a thing of the past.
With a size chart that ranges from XS to 5XL, it's impossible to not find a suitable jacket. Keep in mind that a raincoat like this is worn over your standard clothing.

The Saint offers no additional impact protection. If you want to complete your set - and keep your bottom half dry - take a look at the Croix.

The sizes of rainwear for the motorcycle correspond with the size chart of motorcycle jackets. Not with the sizes of your body. If you wear a motorcycle jacket size L, you'll also need a raincoat size L, not a roomier one.

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Technical specifications

Material polyester with Solto-TEX coating
Reflective yes
Lining none, no
Type of lining none, no, aucun
Extra functions
Outside pocket(s) none, no, aucun
Inner pocket(s) none, no, aucun
Hood no
Sleeve hem elastic and velcro

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
XS X79303-500-XS
S X79303-500-S
M X79303-500-M
L X79303-500-L
XL X79303-500-XL
2XL X79303-500-2XL
3XL X79303-500-3XL
4XL X79303-500-4XL
5XL X79303-500-5XL

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IXS Croix black
IXS Croix black

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