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A motorcycle can essentially be reduced to two wheels, handlebars, the engine and a fuel tank. Everything else can be adjusted, equipped and finetuned. Maybe out of necessity - mirrors and indicators break - but sometimes just because you feel like it.
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The categories and subcategories below are a playground for DIY enthusiasts and those who love to tinker. Not for maintenance and spare parts (then this is the place to be), but when it comes to modifications to your bike.

Different footrests, an extra dose of chrome, protective materials, a different windshield or personalised decals: a motorcycle is perfect to be dressed up completely according to your own taste. New indicators? A change of license plate holder? Some additional lighting? Do it!

You'll also find safety locks, protective covers and navigation equipment here. These are also things you'd better pay attention to if you want to enjoy long, carefree rides.

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