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Disc brake locks for motorcycles

Limited packing room on motorcycles and scooters make you want to leave the heave locks or clamps at home. On the other hand, you want your motorcycle or scooter to be safe when parked.

The most practical solution is the disc brake lock. It is compact, sturdy, handy and most modern motorcycles have at least one disc brake. A disk brake lock usually fits easily in a top case, tank bag or even under the saddle. There are also models that you can attach to the frame or the fork of your motorcycle when not in use.
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Every lock can be opened by a determined thief. However, a disc brake lock - especially when combined with a chain to an anchor point - makes theft so time consuming that it deters or discourages many a would-be thief. Combining different locks is always a good idea.

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A disc brake lock is compact and easily overlooked. You wouldn't be the first who forgets to remove it before trying to ride off. This is why most disc brake locks come in an eye-catching colour and/or with some sort of connection to the handlebar. Make a habit of checking the presence of your disc brake lock before you jump on the bike.

Disc brake locks can be divided into two main categories

Without alarm. These offer only mechanical protection in the form of a steel pin through the brake disc.

With alarm. These have an electronic alarm system, in addition to the mechanical protection, which is activated shortly after it detects it is tampered with.

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