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Motorcycle boots and shoes

Of course you can get on a motorcycle with regular shoes. That such a thing is not a good idea, we don't have to explain that here. And we don't even have to talk about slippers, trainers or - yes, it happens - flip-flops, we won't even begin to discuss.

It's not unimportant to know that in some countries (like Belgium) it's obligatory to wear ankle-high shoes and that motorcycle boots and shoes all have reinforcements on the ankle, toes and heel. No superfluous luxury.
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The right motorbike boot?

Every choice depends on personal preference and clothing style. Today it is also effectively possible to find the correct motorcycle boot/shoe in all those variations - for you, at that moment .

A few basic requirements may help:

A sports boot is the obvious choice for those who are looking for maximum safety on the track, or for those who like to look sporty at all times.

If waterproofing is more important, you will inevitably end up with GORE-TEX boots.

Is your bike a touring machine and you like to dress in touring gear, it's only logical that the category "touring boots" will be your first choice.

Are you mainly riding around town on your café racer or motor scooter, and do you stand next to your bike almost as often as you ride it, then the motorcycle shoes come into the picture.

Is the city not your thing, and do you prefer the mud, dust and sludge of an off-road track, then adventure motorbike boots are the way to go.

Each shoe segment offers a multitude of choices. The only certainty is that it is always about footwear with a correct price to quality ratio, but much else depends on your own preferences. Fitting is not unimportant for footwear. Every foot is different, just take a look down.

For almost all boots and shoes you can increase the comfort (sometimes considerably) by wearing appropriate socks or fitted insoles. And if you are planning a long ride in the rain, a good boot cover is a small price to pay for dry feet.

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