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Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycle travel, weekend trips and commuting. The motorbike - fast, fiscally attractive and easy in traffic - is increasingly emerging into a full-fledged alternative to the car, both for professional use as for holiday purposes. This requires the ability to take something with you while travelling - in a safe, comfortable and simple way.
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We'll say it straight away: the carrier straps you use on your bicycle don't count. When you are on your motorbike, wind, outside conditions and weather play a much bigger role. Pulling over on the motorway to tie things up again ... think again.

All the categories and subcategories below will easily lead you to the solution that works best for you, on your motorcycle and with your goals in mind. From the traditional top and side panniers offering lots of space, to flexible bags and motorbike-specific luggage accessories that are far better suited to withstand that motorway trip than your bike's little carrier strap. There are also safe ways to use yourself as a luggage rack, with hip and leg bags, backpacks, or belt pouch bags.

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