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Full-face helmet

This has to be pretty much the standard helmet, equipped with a visor and fixed chin guard. Because they are made in one piece, they offer the highest level of safety and protection. This is especially appreciated by a sporty audience, although the full-face helmet is also popular with touring riders.

This type of motorcycle helmet - closed - is generally the quietest, something that is certainly appreciated during long rides.
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Motorcycle helmet choices

Price and looks, these are two things that will determine your choice. Both are very personal, but there are some other important considerations that we would like to go through before buying a full-face helmet.

Type of shell: carbon and fibreglass are light and absorbent, polycarbonate is cheaper but weighs more. Manufacturers continue to innovate and the global trend is that motorcycle helmets are becoming smaller and lighter.

Anti-fog: Fog in your head is one thing, fog in your helmet is another but equally confusing. In humid weather conditions the inside of your visor can get damp. You can't stop breathing. Pinlock lenses are the best solution. Anti-fog coatings require a more regular treatment with this product.

Internal sun visors:Something extra in your motorcycle helmet means of course a little more weight to carry, but an internal visor has the advantage that you can switch effortlessly on the go, without stopping. Those who suffer from the sun more often might also want to take a look here: there are plenty of good, specifically designed sunglasses.

The fastener: traditionally, many (sporty) full-face helmets are equipped with a Double-D ring. The safest option, although we admit it: putting on your gloves and closing your helmet afterwards is not easy. Micrometric fasteners are a lot easier to use, but in theory are lower on the safety ladder (at high speeds). Double-D is mandatory on the racetrack.

Intercom: if this is one of the considerations, or if you're planning to install it in the future, you can already take it into account when buying a motorcycle helmet.


To enjoy your motorbike helmet for a long time it needs some maintenance. Here you can read how to go about this.

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