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Jet helmet

The jet helmet or 'the pot' is of course no longer just that small pot on your head. Today, those very classic jet helmets still exist, but they got the company of a wide range of contemporary variants. There is something for everyone in this segment.

Feeling the wind in your face is and remains a very pleasant sensation and for many an essential part of motorcycling. On a hot summer day. At a certain speed. Not in winter, during a long highway ride or on the track.

Jet helmets are therefore particularly interesting for motorcyclists who like quiet touring, retro fanatics, choppers, customs or café racers, and can you blame them? A jet helmet is light, relatively small and practical. The downside? The underside of your face remains virtually unprotected.

Motorcycle helmet choices

Price and looks, these are two things that will help determine the choice either way. Both are very personal, but there are a number of other important considerations we'd like to go over before you buy a jet helmet.

Type of shell: carbon and fibreglass are light and absorbent, polycarbonate is cheaper but weighs more. Manufacturers continue to innovate and the overall trend is for motorcycle helmets to become smaller and lighter.

Vizor: both varieties exist today. Jet helmets with vizors are obviously more resistant to wind and weather. There are short and long vizors, with the long ones even allowing for a motorway trip without tears running down your cheeks. For those who prefer not to opt for a vizor, there are also many options in combination with helmet goggles.

Internal sun vizors:Something extra in your helmet means of course more weight to carry, but a jet helmet with sun vizor has the advantage that you can switch effortlessly on the go, without stopping. Those who suffer more often from the sun may also like to take a look here: there are plenty of good, specifically designed sunglasses.

Intercom: if this is one of the considerations, or if you are planning to install it in the future, you can already take this into account when buying a motorcycle helmet.


To enjoy your motorbike helmet for a long time, some maintenance is needed. Here you can read how to go about this.

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