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Airbag for the motorcyclist

The airbag is explicitly put forward as an extra safety element. Rightly so, because the technology is evolving, just like the autonomy and above all the convenience to use it.

An airbag for motorcycles is always a serious purchase. In terms of price, but also in terms of comfort and ease of use. You should pay sufficient attention to this. This is a potentially life-saving tool.
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Our airbags are compatible with all motorcycles and motor scooters. In any case, this is personal safety equipment.

How does an airbag work?
There are two main categories: electronic airbags and mechanically operated ones. The former work with sensors and are battery-operated, while the latter involve a simple but effective system activated mechanically (pull cord, cable...).

The electronic airbag works independently from the motorcycle but needs to be charged, the mechanical one usually has a direct connection to the motorcycle.

In both cases, the result is the same: the back, coccyx, chest, ribs and collarbones are quickly given an extra protective layer of air. This prevents worse from happening. Neck and nape are a separate issue: one designer swears by securing and blocking head movements, the other consciously opts for free neck movements. There is something to be said for both.

Do you wear an airbag over or underneath the motorcycle jacket?
In any case, combined with a motorcycle jacket. No airbag is a full-on, hard-wearing motorcycle jacket.

Mechanical airbags require a mechanical connection to the motorcycle (cable, drawstring) and are therefore typically worn over your motorcycle jacket. Electronic airbags do not have that physical connection, which allows them to be worn under the motorcycle jacket.

An airbag that goes underneath your regular motorcycle jacket needs space to inflate itself. So take that into account. These airbags are usually tighter, while the airbag you wear over your motorcycle jacket often gets extra reflective material.

Is an airbag 100% safe?
At the very least, it is 100% safe if you use it correctly. Charged where necessary, or connected if it's a mechanical airbag.

Does an airbag offer 100% secured protection? Impact, physical condition, a factor of luck, complications ... several factors play a role. What is certain is that - with a protective layer of air around your body - you potentially greatly reduce the consequences of a fall or collision.

How do you maintain an airbag correctly?
You can remove insects with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Using aggressive detergents is never a good idea and in this case they can cause color differences. Use a special S100 Textile Cleaner to avoid problems.

Never put it in the washing machine or dryer!
An airbag should be washed by hand, taking care not to submerge the mechanical part in water.

With the fluorescent version it's not necessary to rub the reflection strips very hard. You want to remove dirt and insects, not the reflective material. Some caution is recommended.

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