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There seem to be two types of motorcyclists: those who have already fallen and those who are going to fall. Let's hope it's never too serious, but on two wheels there is always more risk. Today, there are good and high-quality solutions for that. This Helite Turtle 2 Air Vest is one of them and certainly one of the better ones.

The reference to the turtle is no coincidence: this is a shield to protect the less sturdy body parts. But better. More convenient. Reflective accents, a front storage pocket, just under two kilos in weight, pleasantly padded and finished in neoprene, this is the envy of every tortoise.

How does it work?
You simply wear the Helite Turtle 2 Air Vest over your motorcycle jacket and attach the activation cord to your bike. That attachment remains, you plug or unplug the cord when boarding. Don't forget, of course, it is the cord that activates the airbag when you fall off the bike. Even if you get off and run away quickly? Don't worry: this relatively simple technology - without battery or electronics - is so on point that you'd have to put in a lot of effort to accidentally activate it yourself. It requires 30 kilograms of pull, so in normal use you'll simply feel the cord pulling in time.

The motorcycle jacket itself, you're free to do as you please: with wide side vents and easily adjustable buckles, the airbag jacket adjusts effortlessly.
The Helite airbag jacket fully inflates in a fraction (one tenth) of a second, protecting your back, neck, chest, ribs and collarbones in the event of a fall. The neck protector acts as a neck brace and stabilizes the neck and helmet in case of a fall. A SAS-TEC (level 2) back protector is integrated as standard.

Is the airbag jacket reusable?
Yes. Simply replace the cartridge and reattach the activation cord. The CO2 cartridges are sold separately, so you can always have one as a spare. In the assembly instructions - from point 6 onwards - you will find the steps you need to take to reassemble the airbag jacket.

Also for my pillion rider?
The airbag doesn't care whether it protects a rider or a passenger. Anyone who attaches themselves to the motorcycle with an activation cord and wears Helite Turtle 2 Air Vest will be actively protected.

This airbag jacket is universal. The activation cords are also available separately, so if you want to equip two different motorcycles with the system, you can do that too: just add an extra cord, the jacket stays around your shoulders, click in the right motorcycle and away you go.

For optimal protection it is important that the airbag jacket fits properly. Choose a size that covers your pelvis by at least 10 cm. The airbag jacket provides optimal protection if a closed fist fits between your body and the airbag jacket. Consult the size chart to find the right size.

The 'looser' the activation cord, the longer it will take for the airbag to be activated in the event of a crash. For optimal performance it is therefore important that this (elastic) cord is relatively tight.

It is not recommended to wear a backpack over an airbag jacket.


  • Airbag jacket with CO2 cartridge
  • Color: black/fluorescent yellow
  • Weight: 1,9 kg
  • Universal, can be used on any motorcycle
  • Light and supple, does not restrict movement in any way
  • Also for passenger
  • Fully inflated in 0.1 seconds
  • Protects the back, neck, coccyx, chest, ribs and collarbones in case of a fall
  • Neck protector when inflated acts as a neck brace and stabilizes the neck and helmet
  • Reusable, CO2 cartridge available separately
  • Activation cord is included but also available as a spare part

Below you will find the size chart specifically for this Airbag Vest.

Size S M L XL KingSize L KingSize XL
Size cm 155-170 165-178 170-185 180-195 170-185 180-195
Waist circumference (cm) with motorcycle jacket 90-100 95-110 100-120 105-115 115-135 120-145
Kind of cartridge 60cc 60cc 60cc 60cc 100cc 100cc
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Technical specifications

Size type unisex
Use universal
Pockets yes, 1
Airbag activation time 100 milliseconds
Reusable after activation yes
Back protector yes, SAS-TEC EN 1621-2
Tailbone protector no
Chest protector no
Fastener 3 adjustable Microlock buckles
Outer material polyester 600D with PVC coating
Lining 3D air mesh panels back
Reflection yes

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Pockets yes, 2 yes, 1 no
Airbag activation time 100 milliseconds 100 milliseconds 100 milliseconds
Reusable after activation yes yes yes
Back protector yes, CE approved, level 2 yes, SAS-TEC EN 1621-2 no
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