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Tank bags for motorcycles

The easiest and often the most practical way to take your stuff with you, for a short trip or on long journeys, is the tank bag. Smartphone, wallet, maps, the travel guide, sunglasses and a bottle of water are the first things that come to mind. Of course, the choice is yours. Certain tank bags are roomy enough to store sufficient clothing for a couple of days.
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Criteria of choice

There are a number of criteria to choose from, when looking for the perfect tank bag. Here we have grouped them in a few choices. For a Givi tank bag with a dedicated fixating system, please look here.

Your choice will be largely determined by the mounting type (criterion 1) and the volume (criterion 2). When in doubt, you can use a magnet to check whether your petrol tank is suited for magnetically fixed tank bags. If that is the case, you can opt for magnetic fastening as well as straps or suction cups. If not, you can only go for straps or suction cups.

On the left side of this page you can also set a range for the minimum and maximum volume. Many tank bags have variable sizes, allowing them to be small or large, depending on your needs.

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