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MODEKA Pierce Zwart

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Motorcycle boots will always be motorcycle boots and sometimes we can spot a little overkill. To the rescue comes a pair of approachable ankle-high sneakers like these Modeka Pierce. And if not for that, they are simply comfortable to wear.

To be clear, the Pierce sneakers are full-fledged motorcycle shoes, wrapped in a canvas layer and therefore, visually disguised as regular sneakers. Up to the synthetic toe, they do resemble another iconic brand which could be considered a compliment in this case.

More precisely, the canvas is a laminated and perforated microfibre fabric, offering a solid, wear-resistant protection that surpasses any regular shoe. Precisely why you should always opt for motorcycle shoes: they are better than the alternative. The tongue of the Pierce motorcycle shoe contains a large section of mesh material, preventing half a sauna from developing inside the shoe. The hard toe with gear lever protection, the reinforced heel and the excellent sole (not susceptible to torsion) are what make up the rest of the outer layer, structured into one seamless unit with a specific (Sonic welding) technology.

The TPU ankle protection and the 16-centimeter shaft allow getting on and off a lot safer, not even mentioning the comfort during the ride. Motorcycle shoes like these Pierce are practical and comfortable: you barely need the laces – which can be tucked away neatly – because donning and doffing is fast and easy thanks to the inner zip.

These are quicker to get into than your motorcycle boots, they can be worn anywhere and are practically a lot more practical: Pierce motorcycle shoes are here to guide you through Summer; at a sharp price.

There is maintenance clothing and then there is clothing maintenance. Good,solid motorcycle clothing is an investment in comfort and personal safety. Invest in its maintenance after you buy it, and enjoy your gear for longer. We put the best tips & tricks on this maintenance page.

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Technical specifications

Style urban
Type motorcycle shoes and sneakers
Gender gentlemen
Waterproof not waterproof
Fastener zip, laces
Additional gearshift padding no
Ankle protection yes
Ventilation ventilated
Size recommendation measure your foot and use the product specific size chart
Material synthetic leather, textile
Color black
Outer material microfibre and canvas
Membrane none
Type of lining polyester
Product identifiers
EAN 4045765210451 (37); 4045765210468 (38); 4045765210475 (39); 4045765210482 (40); 4045765210499 (41); 4045765210505 (42); 4045765210512 (43); 4045765210529 (44); 4045765210536 (45); 4045765210543 (46); 4045765210550 (47)
MPN 040960-10-37 (37); 040960-10-38 (38); 040960-10-39 (39); 040960-10-40 (40); 040960-10-41 (41); 040960-10-42 (42); 040960-10-43 (43); 040960-10-44 (44); 040960-10-45 (45); 040960-10-46 (46); 040960-10-47 (47)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
37 040960-10-37
38 040960-10-38
39 040960-10-39
40 040960-10-40
41 040960-10-41
42 040960-10-42
43 040960-10-43
44 040960-10-44
45 040960-10-45
46 040960-10-46
47 040960-10-47

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