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Motorcycle rain jacket

A motorcycle rain jacket is very handy in the first place and easy to put on. You can wear it on top of a waterproof or water-repellent jacket to keep the outer shell dry, or combine it with a wind-breaking or leather jacket.

Your upper body stays dry for sure, and the wind gets a lot less play. A motorcycle rain jacket is stronger than a traditional raincoat, that you don't want to wear on the highway when there is a lot of headwind. Of course wind (and therefore also water) can still find a way up and inside.

Motorcycle rain jackets with a breathable outer fabric prevent you from getting wet from the inside as a result of body moisture or sweat.
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Tip from RAD house

The sizes of rainwear for the motorcycle correspond to the size table of motorcycle jackets. Not with the sizes of your body. Are you wearing a motorcycle jacket size L, then you also need a rain jacket size L, not a roomier one. Does your jacket have a size indication in numbers, then you can use the table below to see which size rain jacket this corresponds with.

Textile size Leather size
XS 44
S 46
M 48
L 50
XL 52
2XL 54
3XL 56
4XL 58
5XL 60
6XL 62
7XL 64
8XL 66
9XL 68
10XL 70
11XL 72
12XL 74
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