HEVIK Mano Waterproof Overgloves

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Mano Overgloves are pretty much what the name implies: an extra pair of gloves that you pull over your regular ones.

And why would you do that? The fact that that question occurs to you suggests that you're not a daily commuter or haven't had a heavy rainfall on your way south. Overgloves protect your regular gloves when the going gets rough. After all, you're not always wearing high-tech waterproof-with-membrane gloves. And then everything fills up quickly. Your mind, but also your gloves. After which it takes hours before you can put those hands in a completely dry set of gloves again. Bad for your hands and bad for your mood.

Although these Mano overgloves are reinforced on the palm and fingers, it is recommended to combine them (and not to consider them as a full glove). For this reason, each Mano is equipped with two elastic bands, one of which is adjustable, allowing a snug fit.

To determine the right size, first look at the size of your standard glove. And then look at the type. With summer gloves, racing gloves and cross-country gloves (not coincidentally the thinner versions), you can simply choose the same size Mano. Those will slide right over.

If you want to wear a pair of Mano gloves over your winter or mid-season gloves (thicker and better lined), it is best to choose one size bigger. In the past, we advised to use the same size chart, but of course we constantly and extensively test our own products. So: one size bigger.

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Technical specifications

Material polyester
Non-slip palm yes

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
S HCW100-S
M HCW100-M
L HCW100-L
2XL HCW100-2XL
3XL HCW100-3XL

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HEVIK Pioggia Black

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Non-slip palm yes yes