The MRS link is a connecting link with which you can close motorbike chains that are supplied open.

This type of link is always equipped with hollow pins with a copper head. When mounting, first press the side plate over the pins. Then push the heads of the pins open with a conical point, so that the side plate can no longer be removed. The use of a riveting tool is recommended here.


When installing the connecting links, it is essential to thoroughly lubricate the shafts, bushings and O-rings of the chain. The small packet of grease provided is especially designed for this purpose and will help prevent stiff links, premature wear or even chain breakage.

After lubrication, place the connecting link with the X- or O-rings in the chain and press it down evenly to distribute the grease evenly.

After thorough lubrication, the connecting link can be closed with the side plate. In order not to crush the seals, use appropriate tools and measure the distance between the outer plates of the other links and those of the connecting link with a caliper. Gradually press the side plate to its final position (see sketch).

Outer plates not tight enough lead to:

  • dripping of grease
  • wear
  • stretching the link
  • chainbreak 


Outer plates too tight lead to:

  • a non-flexible link
  • overheating
  • jamming of the chain 
  • chainbreak 

When the side plate is in the correct position, first check that the connecting link rotates freely and is not pressed too tightly or too loosely. Only then can the clip be pushed into place using, for example, a pair of pliers. Then you can rivet the link with a conical tip.

Use suitable tools in accordance with the supplied connecting link. Our chains are supplied with connecting links, selected according to the application and power of the bike.

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