The HELD GORE-TEX collection.

Extend your warranty up to 5 years on Held GORE-TEX products.

With the exception of the gloves, every Held GORE-TEX product comes with a Quattrotempi club registration card.

Please send this card fully completed to the postal address indicated on the card: Held GmbH, An der Ostrach 7, 87545 Burgberg GERMANY or by email to export@held.de.

Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail!

During the elaboration of the Quattrotempi concept, and the development of the GORE-TEX collection, Held has always taken the needs and wishes of motorcyclists as a starting point.

The opinion of Held is that designing clothing "for the quality-conscious biker" is too simple and too general. Held's idea is that the description for the concept should be as follows:

Professional motorcycle equipment for all types of powered two-wheelers that keeps riders comfortable throughout the year and protects them from wind and weather, while also being safe. 

This sounds very theoretical, but Held has found a name that perfectly fits the four categories and the four individual requirements: Quattrotempi!

All Quattrotempi products have a perfect protection against wind and rain. They offer the best comfort at any temperature, optimal safety, many interesting details and features. So no matter what bike or weather you ride, Quattrotempi makes sure you always enjoy your ride.

Always an enjoyable and safe ride!

The four seasons

Motorcycle clothing for all seasons

Four motorcycles

Different outfits for different people

The four elements

Perfect protection against the elements

Four protections

Quattrotempi protectors are fitted in all critical places

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