ECE-R 22/05

ECE-R 22/05 homologation is an approval system - with associated conditions - for protective helmets and visors for drivers of motorcycles and mopeds, and their passengers.

The so-called ECE regulations of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe are the basis of the ECE-R 22/05 standards.

Important tests to comply with the ECE-R 22/05 as a helmet are, among other things:

  • shock absorption 
  • dynamic assessment of the wearing facility 
  • field of vision inspection 
  • shape retention 
  • Seat inspection (stretching test) 
  • inspection of the chin strap and buckle 
  • external deformation test 
  • test of the frictional behaviour of the outer shell 
  • visor inspection (mechanical and optical properties) 
  • chin guard, chin section damping test

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