The AR link is a connecting link that allows you to close motorbike chains that are delivered open. 

Type AR links are always fitted with a clip and require a certain amount of pressure to be put on. First, you have to push the side plate over the pins. Then the clip can be pushed into place using pliers. 

The head of the pins should not be flattened with this type of link. The use of a riveting tool is therefore not necessary. This type of link is only used on chains of scooters, mopeds and very light motorbikes.


After lubrication, the connecting link can be closed with the side plate. Using appropriate tools, measure the distance between the outer plates of the other links and those of the connecting link. Gradually press the side plate into position.

When the side plate is in place, first check that the connecting link rotates freely and is not too tight or too loose. Only then can the clip be slid into place using, for example, a pair of pliers. This type of link does not require riveting.

When fitting, the clip must always be mounted with the closed head in the direction of travel.

                           <<<<< driving direction

Use suitable tools according to the connecting link supplied. Our chains are supplied with connecting links selected according to the application and power of the motorbike.

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