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MUC-OFF Helmet Care Kit

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Zen and the ART of Motorcycle Maintenance is not only a solid philosophical also a thought which occasionally strikes us: there is peace in good maintenance. maintenance. Who doesn't want to start with the whole motorcycle, can start with the helmet, thanks to Muc-Off you can start with the helmet. And with this maintenance kit And with this maintenance kit, you can work on the outside as well as on the inside. to work.

This set consists of the lemon yellow Foam Fresh 400 ml. of your motorcycle helmet, 250 ml of blue Visor Cleaner - that will do the job - and a and a Premium Anti-Fog Treatment 32ml spray can. Don't forget the Don't forget the microfibre cloth, to wipe everything dry.

With the maintenance kit you get everything you need to get your helmet through the Optima forma through the motorcycling season. And in the mean time you stay zen.

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