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Cleaner exterior of motorcycle helmet

The exterior of your helmet consists of plastic, either painted or unpainted. Your visor is also part of the outer shell of the helmet. Both parts are quite essential and deserve regular attention.

Helmet cleaning products are specially designed to clean the shell of your helmet and your visor. They protect and guarantee that everything stays as was intended.

Double use

A positive side effect is that everything that is good for (delicate) helmet material, is also perfectly usable on headlights and windshields, which can usually (however strange that may sound in a helmet context) take a beating. The reverse is not true: not everything you put on your windshield can be used on your visor.

Special attention

Matte helmets require a special cleaner, one for matte varnish. That seems very logical, but we like to mention it anyway.

All products are a guarantee for a streak- and scratch-free result. Provided you use the right cloth, of course. Paper is out of the question because it scratches. Dry rubbing is never a good idea anyway, for the same reason. A lint-free or microfiber cloth is best for your helmet, visor and windshield.

Forgot your helmet donut?

Tip from the RAD-house

A clean visor means less eye-strain, unobstructed vision, a better overview of the road and traffic, higher concentration and therefore ... safety.

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