S100 Maintenance for matt lacquers 250ml

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A few years ago matte paints were rarely seen, but recently they have become very popular, also on motorcycles. Just think of the Street Triples, Monsters, Hornets, Fazers, etc. that are now available in a matte colour version.

This new trend also raises the demand for specialised maintenance products, because these delicate lacquers need a different approach.

It is very important that matt lacquers are not polished like normal lacquers. After all, polishing will do away with the matt effect and shiny spots are not welcome.

This product offers the solution! The application is very easy and the film that is formed provides excellent protection against all weather conditions. Water beads off, UV rays are filtered, dirt adheres less quickly, the paintwork remains in top condition and the original matt look is retained.

This product is also suitable for matt helmets and matt body wraps.

  • Matt wax spray
  • Ensures that the original matt effect is retained
  • Provides long-term protection against rain and UV radiation
  • Suitable for all matt motorcycle surfaces, foils and helmets
  • Do not use on glossy paintwork

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Technical specifications

Chrome no
Aluminum no
Glossy finish no
Matt finish yes
Windshield/plexiglass no
Matt paint yes
Paint protection no
Scratch remover no
Colour restoration no
Tar remover no
Product identifiers
EAN 4006539734603
MPN 3460

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Art.nr. OK3460

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10,65 14,23
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