MUC-OFF Foam Fresh 400ml

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Muc-Off produces besides excellent engine cleaners also a number of speciallekes'. Little side steps, which do have to do with motorcycles, motorbike equipment and to do with motorcycles, motorbike equipment and cleaning, but can't be put away at the coarse products be put away.

The Foam Fresh of Muc-Off is such a product: effective, practical, easy and Smells like lemon. Hence the colour of the bus. The foam itself is white.

You spray the Foam Fresh on the lining. On your motorcycle helmet, on your motorcycle boots, on your Boots, everything that comes into contact with your skin actually. Everything After a while there is a smell. The Foam Fresh does what it should do: expel the accumulated dirt from the treated surface and trick your brains believe that you drive through a lemon orchard.

Don’t worry, at some point it should look like you’ll never be able to fix this. Because a can of whipped cream exploded in your helmet.

Just for your piece of mind: that’s exactly how to use the Muc-Off Foam Fresh.

  1. 1. Completely foam the lining of your motorcycle helmet, motorcycle boot, motorcycle glove… Think ‘whipped cream’. In the case of the motorcycle helmet, it’s best to flip the visor up.
  2. 2. Let the foam soak and dissolve. It will disappear completely.
  3. 3. Wipe the treated surface clean with a cloth; the dirt should come off too.
  4. 4. Leave the motorcycle helmet/motorcycle glove/motorcycle boot to dry at room temperature for one day before taking off on another adventure.
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