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Men's Gore-Tex® motorcycle pants

GORE-TEX is the weapon of choice for true motorcycle adventurers and commuters who travel to work in all conditions on two wheels. GORE-TEX is highly water resistant, durable and has unsurpassed breathability. It's no coincidence that the material is known as a pioneer in membrane technology and gained world fame for its waterproofness.

GORE-TEX isn't the only waterproof material – a plastic bag might be even better – but it has superior breathability. Without it, you'd still get wet sooner or later from perspiration.

Every new garment that wants to carry the GORE-TEX name is inspected by the GORE-TEX manufacturer itself. Independent of the brand. GORE-TEX not only oversees the use of the membrane but also checks the construction of the pants (or jacket) to verify that the end result is worthy of the GORE-TEX properties. Being allowed to use the name is therefore a form of quality label for every manufacturer of motorcycle clothing.
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Membrane integration

Membranes can be integrated into motorcycle clothing in three ways: lamination, fixed integration in the jacket, or removable. As always: each method has its advantages.

If you mainly go out in bad weather, it's best to choose a membrane laminated on the outer fabric. Water can't attach itself ('like water from a duck') to the pants, which are therefore not able to absorb anything. The result is lighter and quicker drying pants. People who ride through the night, commuters or people who wear one outfit in many conditions will benefit more from a removable membrane. If it's dry or too warm, you can unzip the membrane, open the ventilation zippers and in no time you have a more summery outfit.

The third option, motorcycle pants with a fixed, integrated membrane, is choosing for relative simplicity. The pants are wind- and waterproof and the space between the outer fabric and the membrane is also ventilated, but the ventilation is more indirect and less pleasant when temperatures really soar.


GORE-TEX can, may and even should be washed once in a while. This will free up any blocked pores in the membrane so you can use its full capacity again. Otherwise, the membrane will lose its breathability and you will sooner or later get wet anyway – from the inside, through perspiration.

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