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Motorcycle sports boots

You don't have to look far, motor sports boots obviously come from the race track and make little effort to hide it. They combine a sporty look with the highest possible safety in the circumstances where it is needed, which is: on the motorcycle. The comfort next to the bike is inferior to the safety on the bike, so a very long walk is not always a good idea.
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You don't have to be a style connoisseur to see that a sports boot is a perfect complement to a leather motorcycle suit. However, they can also be perfectly combined with a pair of motorcycle jeans. It doesn't matter if you wear the pants inside or over the boots, although the (sometimes a bit wider) shaft of a motor sports boot might make that decision for you.


It's simple: motor sports boots are the absolute best in safety. Made to protect in extreme conditions, on extreme machines, at extreme speeds. Every sports boot has - at least - a synthetic ankle protector, toe protector, heel protector, toe glider and reinforced shin plate. At least.


Whoever goes for the apex in the Terlaemenbocht at Zolder has other things on their mind than dry feet. Waterproofness is not a basic requirement of a good motor sports boot, although waterproof versions absolutely do exist.

Tip from the RAD house

Motorcycle boots dry slowly. Lots of dust, lots of layers ... Adding a good boot cover to your rain gear will save you a lot of trouble.


Maintaining your motorcycle shoes and boots is relatively easy, although it's best to do it right from the start. Then you can enjoy them for a long time.

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