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Winter motorcycle gloves

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Gloves for the winter are mainly available in touring, retro or custom styles. The purely sporty fans are a little less satisfied in this subcategory. And they don't get on their bikes as often in winter.

Thermally lined and waterproof, these gloves are particularly useful during the coldest period of the year. They perform up to freezing point. If you're looking for something a bit lower, you might want to choose a pair of heated gloves. Disadvantage is - in both cases - that the steering sensation does not improve when the lining becomes thicker.
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A separate paragraph about the right fit, because winter gloves may - and even should - be loose enough. A layer of extra air between the glove and the skin works wonders as insulation. Especially your fingertips will be thankful.


As with other motorcycle clothing, the waterproofing of a glove is strongly linked to its membrane.

The different membrane brands can be divided into two groups. One group includes GORE-TEX, the other group includes all other membrane brands.

True biker adventurers who take long trips or motorcycle commuters, no matter what the weather conditions, should opt for a GORE-TEX membrane. A GORE-TEX membrane can withstand high water pressure, is highly durable, and has unsurpassed breathability. GORE-TEX gloves can be found here.

If you like it a little less extreme, or if you prefer to keep an eye on the budget, then all other membrane brands in group 2 are a good alternative. They are of course just as water- and windproof and have a breathable capacity, but these membranes reach their saturation point a little faster. At that point water penetrates the membrane or body moisture condenses on the membrane.

Membrane integration

There are two membrane integration methods for gloves: lamination and fixed integration.

The motorcyclist who mainly rides in bad weather conditions should opt for a laminated membrane. When the membrane is laminated to the outer fabric, water cannot attach to the outer fabric. The glove absorbs less water, making it lighter during rain showers, and it also dries faster. Like water from a duck...

A glove with a fixed, integrated membrane is a simple choice. The glove is wind- and waterproof, light, but absorbs water more quickly. If you want to avoid this, overgloves are a good solution.


It is not generally known, but motorcycle gloves can be washed! You will find more information and the specific products you need here.

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