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Touring motorcycle boots

Both women and men will be able to find a good touring boot here. Several, even!

Good (riding and walking) conditions over longer distances, a lot of safety, wearing comfort, these are the basic principles. Those who ride across the city or go for a short errand will choose a good motorcycle boot, those who leave for more than 100 kilometres are better off with a pair of touring boots.
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Touring boots focus on comfort, safety and ease of use first, more than on a striking look or style. So this category is rather sober as far as looks go. Few frills, lots of functionality. Although that's a style too.


The basics are always present. Ankles, toes and heels are well protected and/or reinforced. Wherever useful, the shin is also sufficiently protected. A good touring boot aims for the balance between a lot of safety and a lot of comfort, which makes it a very versatile boot. There might be a better specialised product for each extreme, but for all-round purposes you can get by with a decent touring boot;


Usually yes, because dry feet are crucial when we talk about 'comfort'. The same applies here: specialists (GORE-TEX) are better for extreme conditions, but if you're looking for waterproof, windproof and breathable boots, and not necessarily for the roughest autumn storms, you'll have no problem finding those among the touring boots;

So what's the difference with GORE-TEX? The membranes in regular touring boots reach saturation point faster than GORE-TEX. From that point on, the membrane is 'full', so to speak, and water outside and body moisture inside gradually get free play. 

Tip from the RAD House

Soaked boots are uncomfortable and they dry very slowly. A boot cover as part of your rainwear can be a good idea. 


Motorcycle shoes and boots maintenance is relatively easy, although it is best to do it right the first time so you can enjoy them for a long time.

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