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Flip-up helmet

The flip-up helmet is characterized by the chin bar that can be flipped up. How, to what extent and to what angle varies sometimes, although the trend is that the 'flip-ups' within this type of helmet are getting better and better.

This allows you to flip open your helmet, even while riding. Keep in mind that this is very handy for a short, slow trip, at the traffic lights or in a gas station, but that driving on the motorway with an flipped up helmet is not the right way to go.

Of course it's easy during commuter rides, group rides, touring ... You have full protection, but you can just as quickly exchange a few words, feel the wind and wind chill or go somewhere without taking off your helmet. Even that goes exceptionally smoothly with the chin up.

A flip-up helmet is usually a bit roomier and has a wider visor opening; something spectacle wearers can certainly appreciate.
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Motorcycle helmet choices

Price and looks, these are two things that will determine your choice. Both are very personal, but there are a number of other important considerations we would like to go through before buying a flip-up helmet.

Type of shell: carbon and fibreglass are light and absorb better, polycarbonate is cheaper but weighs more. Manufacturers continue to innovate and the overall trend is for motorcycle helmets to become smaller and lighter.

Anti-fog: fog in your head is one thing, fog in your helmet is another, but just as confusing. In humid weather conditions the inside of your visor can get damp. You can't stop breathing. Pinlock lenses are the best solution. Anti-fog coatings require a more regular treatment with this product.

Intercom: if this is one of the considerations, or if you are planning to install it in the future, you can already take this into account when buying a motorcycle helmet.


To enjoy your motorbike helmet for a long time it needs some maintenance. Here you can read how to go about this.

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