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Gore-Tex® motorcycle boots and shoes

It's a common thread throughout the GORE-TEX story, but the most demanding motorcyclists inevitably end up here. Superior waterproofing, combined with excellent breathability, is even more important for footwear than for other clothing.

GORE-TEX motorcycle boots or shoes can be used daily in a wide range of weather conditions, are available for men and women, and feel comfortable on and off the bike;
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GORE-TEX goes beyond the traditional categorisation of styles: from feminine and stylish, to chunky adventure boots for men with big feet, there's a lot to choose from.

Touring boots, everyday footwear, off-road and even motor sport boots, today you can find a GORE-TEX boot or shoe in just about every segment.

Comfort and Waterproofness

GORE-TEX is far from the only material that is waterproof - a plastic bag might even be better - but it has superior breathability. Without that feature, you'll still get wet sooner or later as a result of perspiration.

Every new garment that wants to bear the GORE-TEX name is inspected by the GORE-TEX manufacturer itself. Independent of the brand. GORE-TEX not only oversees the use of the membrane but also inspects the construction of the boot or shoe to verify that the end result is worthy of GORE-TEX properties. Being allowed to use the name is therefore a quality label in itself for every manufacturer of motorcycle clothing.

Dry is comfortable anyway, optimal breathability is even better. GORE-TEX boots or shoes are just about waterproof perfection ...

Tip from the RAD house

... but there is no such thing as perfection. Hundreds of miles of rain are too much of a good thing sooner or later. The outside of your boot will become saturated at some point. A waterproof boot cover prevents this.


Maintaining motorcycle boots and shoes is relatively easy, though best done right the first time. GORE-TEX, with its breathable and waterproof features, requires a little extra attention. Then you can enjoy them for a long time.

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