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Motor GPS accessories and mounting kits

Once they crossed countries with nothing but the stars to guide them and a good memory, later helped by detailed and accurate maps. Nowadays, many of us consider GPS navigation a standard feature on a motorcycle. Times are changing, even to such an extent that without a GPS, finding our way has become a bit of a challenge.

Mounting a regular GPS device on your motorcycle is not that easy. On a motorcycle we usually have some specific requirements. Waterproof. Shockproof. Safe and secure.
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Motor Gps: many devices are now specifically designed for use on a motorcycle. Both in terms of hardware (waterproof, light-weight, type of mounting, useable with gloves) and software (easy mapping of routes), they differ from the thing you use in your car.

Smartphone and motorcycle GPS holders: these days, your high tech smartphone is also a fine navigation system. Weather permitting, you can even use the GPS from your car. With the right accessory, both can be securely mounted on your motorcycle too.

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