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Gore-Tex® motorcycle gloves

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GORE-TEX gloves come in all styles and are perfect for everyday use in all weather conditions. There are some for mid-season and others for winter. Select the filter on the left side of the page to only view the motorcycle gloves you're looking for.
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GORE-TEX is far from the only waterproof material - a plastic bag might be even better - but it has superior breathability. Without it, you'll still get wet sooner or later from perspiration.

Every new garment that wants to carry the GORE-TEX name is inspected by the GORE-TEX manufacturer itself. Independent of the brand. GORE-TEX not only monitors the use of the membrane but also inspects the construction of the glove to verify that the end result is worthy of the GORE-TEX properties. Being allowed to use the name is therefore a form of quality label for every manufacturer of motorcycle clothing.

Membrane integration

With gloves, we distinguish two ways of membrane integration: lamination and fixed integration. The GORE-TEX version is called 'GORE-TEX + Goregrip' (laminated) or a fixed integrated GORE-TEX membrane.

The motorcyclist who mainly rides in bad weather conditions should opt for a laminated membrane. When the membrane is laminated to the outer fabric, water cannot attach itself to the outer fabric. The glove absorbs less water, making it lighter during rain showers, and it also dries faster. Like water from a duck...

A glove with a fixed, integrated membrane is a simple choice. The glove is wind- and waterproof, light, but absorbs water more quickly. If you want to avoid this, overgloves are a good solution.

As a manufacturer, Held offers a third option: GORE-TEX 2-in-1, where you choose whether or not to ride with the membrane.


GORE-TEX can, may and even should be washed every once in a while. This way any blocked pores in the membrane will be cleared, so you can use its full capacity again. Otherwise the membrane will lose its breathability and you will sooner or later get wet anyway - from the inside, through perspiration.

Click here for the best way to maintain your GORE-TEX.

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