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Men's leather motorcycle jacket

For whom?

Leather motorcycle jackets are often a conscious choice or preference. Leather has a certain charisma and expresses something. Today, leather jackets exist in sporty, casual, cool or retro versions, and in all these versions they offer the best wear-resistance. It is not for nothing that leather is and remains the material of choice in racing and on the race track.

All leather jackets are of course equipped with the necessary protective material, in the form of protectors.
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In contrast to (unchangeable) textile, leather is a 'living' product. It adapts itself gradually and has to 'set'. Leather never fits perfectly immediately. It always stretches a little, so it's best to take this into account when trying it on. After a period of adjustment a leather jacket will fit like a glove and it will stay that way.


Leather has specific properties and requires specific maintenance products. Here you can find how to make sure your (general) leather motorcycle clothing stays at its best, but it's always advisable to read the manufacturer's guidelines.

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