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Motorcycle tyres and rims

You may not think about it all that often, but your tyre - and the rim it's fitted on - is vital for a safe, trouble-free ride. However, when was the last time you checked it?

Time for a change. You don't have to start putting on new tyres by your self right away, but a little care and attention will prevent you from having to buy a new set every couple of months.

  • Being able to perform a roadside repair on your tyre is a must-have skill. Unlike cars, motorcycles do not come with a jack and a spare wheel.
  • Tire pressure gauges are handy. Correction; they are vital. Making sure that your tyre pressure is correct before you to go 'ton up' on the motorway seems much safer to us.
  • Inflating and accessories contains just about everything you need in addition to the first two categories.
  • Valve caps keep the air in your tyres, but their small size make them prone to loss.
  • Tire markers can add a personal touch.
  • Tread depth gauges are necessary to find out exactly how good your tires are. Because just rubbing it with your thumb and saying "you'll be fine" isn't really playing it safe, is it?
  • Angled valves are just practical and convenient, unlike many original valves.
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