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Motorcycle racing gloves

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Racing gloves are for racing fans. Both in terms of performance and style, they make no effort to hide it, opting resolutely for sportiness.

When it comes to racing gloves, motorcyclists want the safest option available. Hard-wearing leather, pronounced knuckle protection and often some extra plastic elements to contribute to this. Normally (and with one exception) racing gloves have no membrane and no thermal lining. Opting for an optimal steering sensation means choosing thin gloves.

The high level of protection and the steering feel make these gloves ideal for track use.
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Unlike (unchanging) textiles, leather is a 'living' product. It adapts gradually and has to 'settle'. Leather never fits perfectly right away. It always stretches a bit, so it's best to take that into account when trying it on.

Always buy your leather gloves in your perfect size. Tight. If they are too big when you buy them, they will certainly be too big when you break them in.


It is not generally known, but motorcycle gloves can be washed! More information and the specific products you need can be found here.

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