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Mid-season motorcycle gloves

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Mid-season gloves are mainly available in touring, retro or custom styles. This subcategory is not that interesting for pure sports enthusiasts.

For most riders - if we assume that they take a winter break and temporarily leave their bike in the stable - these are the best all-round motorcycle gloves. They can be used from 10 degrees Celsius, they are waterproof and they guarantee a good steering feel, because they are not too thickly padded.

When temperatures drop a bit further, it is best to go for genuine winter gloves.
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As with other motorcycle clothing, waterproofing of a glove is strongly linked to its membrane.

The different membrane brands can be divided into two groups. One group includes GORE-TEX, the other group includes all other membrane brands.

True biker adventurers who take long trips or motorcycle commuters, no matter what the weather conditions, should opt for a GORE-TEX membrane. A GORE-TEX membrane can withstand high water pressure, is highly durable, and has unsurpassed breathability. GORE-TEX gloves can be found here.

If you like it a little less extreme, or if you prefer to keep an eye on the budget, then all other membrane brands in group 2 are a good alternative. They are of course just as water- and windproof and have a breathable capacity, but these membranes reach their saturation point a little faster, at which point, water penetrates the membrane, or body moisture condenses on the membrane.

Membranes in mid-season gloves are not laminated. This means that the outer fabric absorbs water, which can make the glove heavier. If you want to avoid this, the best solution is to use overgloves.


It is not a general known fact, but motorcycle gloves can be washed! You can find more information and the specific products you need right here.

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