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Chain locks for motorcycles

A good chain lock is almost the ultimate in theft protection. Anchoring the wheels, disc brake or frame of your motorcycle to a fixed point with a chain makes it virtually impossible to quickly lift it into a van or ride off with it.

Chain locks come in two main categories.
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With disc brake lock

This lock is a 2-in-1, a combination of a chain and a disc brake lock. It allows you to lock the disc brake and anchor the bike to a fixed point simultaneously. If you're in a hurry or only away for a minute, you can also use the disc brake lock on its own.

With integrated locking mechanism

These models are primarily used to secure the motorcycle to a fixed point with its frame or a wheel.

On the left side of this page you can filter the options: chain with disc brake lock or chain with integrated lock.

Chain locks have a wider reach than a U-lock or disc brake lock, making it easier to attach the bike to an anchor point. Unfortunately, all locks can be broken. The trick is to make the challenge as big as possible to discourage potential thieves. Using more than one lock is always a good idea.

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